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about our local area

Commerces & services

Numerous food shops and restaurants can be found in our region, at a distance of 2 to 10 km depending on the season. Most shops and services are in Castellane. Open-air markets are held on Wednesday and Saturday mornings in Castellane.
Chasteuil has a lot of charm but no food shops, restaurants or services.


Chasteuil is 2.5 km from the D952 road, take a small, steep mountain road called C2.  The C2 is narrow and winding, and although paved, it is often covered with gravel. Most motorcyclists have no trouble on this small road. But big bikes sometimes have trouble. We wanted to warn you about this.

D952 - C2

Chasteuil is located 2.5 km from the main road D952. You reach it by climbing a small mountain road, C2, which is inaccessible to caravans. 
The road is narrow and winding, and you may have to pull over to let a car pass by. 
We recommend arriving before nightfall. As we live in the countryside, a flashlight may be useful for the little pedestrian paths.

the road

Chasteuil is a small hamlet located 20 minutes from Castellane, 1 hour from Moustiers Ste Marie (earthenware town), 1 hour from Grasse (perfume town), and 2h15 from Nice and Nice Côte d'Azur airport.


  • 5 minutes de la rivière Verdon.

  • 14 minutes du Canyon du Verdon.

  • 15 minutes de Castellane.

  • 20 minutes du Point Sublime, Rougon.

  • 30 minutes du Lac de Castillon.

  • 30 minutes de La Palud sur Verdon.

  • 1 heure de Moustiers Ste Marie et du Lac-Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon.

  • 1h30 de la plage méditerranéenne la plus proche.

  • 2 heures de l'aéroport de Nice Côte d'Azur.

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